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I just chose a selection of my favourite thrillers on a beautifully designed new website called My Independent Bookshop…

Click here to see them and other collections, or get involved and open your own shop (for free)!


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A little bit about My Independent Bookshop

When it comes to finding new authors or learning about the latest books, nothing beats a personal recommendation.

With My Independent Bookshop, you can enjoy the thrill of discovering great new reads that have been recommended to you – books you’d never have got to know otherwise.

And the best thing? It all happens through your very own bookshop – a shop you can design and theme any way you please.

Simply pick the 12 books you love and put them on display. Write recommendations and share them with friends. Then change your collection as often as you like, by season, genre or mood – the possibilities are endless.

And if you’re more of a window shopper, take a walk down our virtual streets. You’ll find shops run by book lovers, favourite authors and bloggers, maybe your best friend or even local librarian. Along the way you might stumble across a host of unexpected new reads.

After all, there’s nothing more magical than a bookshop. It’s more than just a shop – it’s a gateway to different worlds. And to keep that magic alive, we’ve teamed up with hive, so that every book bought through your virtual bookshop can benefit an independent bookshop in the real world.

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