#Youdunnit is here!

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The #Youdunnit novellas are here at last (download them here for FREE)!


Follow the links to download three short stories by Nicci French, Tim Weaver, and me, based on the same crowd sourced framework. Choose your favourite, (but don’t tell me if it’s not mine,… obviously!).

Click here for the Kindle edition (which also works on desktops & laptops)

If you don’t have a Kindle, click here to find out how to read it on any device or e-reader

Click here for mobile devices

Or click here to read the book on the brilliant Issuu ebook widget (beautifully animated pages – just like a real book!)

Finally, you can read the iBook on iPads and iPhones! Just open the iBooks app and search for ‘Youdunnit’ to download for free.

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